Tom & Jerry – Film Review

Tom & Jerry is a boring and disappointingly unfunny adaptation of a beloved classic that doesn't seem to know who to appeal to.

MY SPY – Film Review

Dave Bautista tries his best in My Spy - a poorly written action-comedy that simply doesn't have enough good humor up its sleeve or a good story to go along with it.

SCOOB! – Film Review

Scoob! may have a wonderous animation style and fun voice acting, but its sense of humor is painfully dry and its story is too underdeveloped to make this an adventure worth going on.

WONDER PARK – Film Review

While its animation is undeniably great, Wonder Park is an extremely forgettable experience that does not have any of the thrill that one may hope for. What could have been an emotionally impactful story ends up traversing familiar beats and suffers from a lack of direction.

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