Sorority Sister Killer – Film Review

With help from her mother, a college freshman sets out to prove her innocence when sorority sisters and the police accuse her of murdering her best friend during a fraternity party.

Okay, so I knew as soon as I found out that Tom Shell‘s Sorority Sister Killer was a Lifetime Original movie that it was more than likely going to be bad, but upon seeing the absolutely hilarious poster and title early this morning, I figured I just had to give it a watch. With a title that funny, you just can’t resist, am I right?

Sadly, the film as a whole wasn’t as goofy and insane as I was hoping it was going to be. Honestly, with a title like that, there’s a sort of expectation that is created in the viewer’s mind. Nobody reads Sorority Sister Killer and expects it to be a potential awards contender later on in the year. What they expect is a self-aware, fun, and entertaining romp, and sadly, this film is none of those things.

Unlike the way too goofy Lifetime Original Christmas films that plague us literally every single year, this film oddly tries to take itself seriously. I, for one, couldn’t take this film seriously. The story alone feels like it was thrown together by a middle schooler whose class project was to create an idea for a horror movie or something.

Courtesy of Lifetime Television

And the influences on this film couldn’t have been made clearer. It feels like it wants to be a coming-of-age teen, horror, and comedy flick all wrapped up in one, with hints of Mean Girls thrown in there as well. In the first twenty minutes of the movie, one of the characters literally says “Guys, we’re supposed to be sisters, not Mean Girls on crack!”.

With that dialogue alone, you’re probably thinking that the film has some pretty awful writing and cringe-worthy dialogue throughout, and you’d be exactly right. Not only do these lead characters say things that will make you roll your eyes, but the “twists” and plot revelations throughout come as no surprise either.

We are supposed to be shocked and gripped during certain points in the story and I never was. In fact, I was able to predict where the film is going and honestly, it’s hard not to see where it’s going. If you even remotely consider yourself a film fan, then you’ll probably be able to see where this familiar, trope-ridden story is going too.

It’s disappointing because this film had a little bit of potential to be a ridiculous, over-the-top romp that’s a blast to watch, but instead, it’s just ridiculous. And not in a fun or amusing way either. It’s definitely not the worst film I’ve ever seen and it’s not the worst film of 2021 so far either. Don’t let that fool you though – Sorority Sister Killer is still terrible. Despite having the potential to be a ton of dumb fun, it ended up just being dumb. So, in other words, it’s a Lifetime movie.

Overall Grade: D+

MPAA Rating: TV-14

Cast: Sarah Fisher, René Ashton, Triana Browne, Paige Kriet, Christy Tate, Grace Montie, Brooks Ryan, Lani Randol, Tyler Lain, Carolyn Grundman, Brylee Russell, Angela Baumgardner

Directed by: Tom Shell

Written by: Chris Sivertson

Distributed by: Lifetime Television

Release Date: May 16, 2021

Running Time: 89 minutes

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