Every GIRL MEETS WORLD Season Ranked From Worst To Best

Making a sequel to any popular television program is a difficult task. As the head of this new show, you have to make long-time fans of the series happy as well as pleasing new viewers and coming up with brand new storyline ideas.

Michael Jacobs and April Kelly surely had a difficult time when it came to developing Girl Meets World, the follow-up to their immensely popular and beloved 90s sitcom Boy Meets World. And although the series was admittedly much kid-friendlier and not as funny as its predecessor, it still did a good job at introducing lovable new characters as well as expanding upon fan favorites from the past such as Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence.

So, without further delay, let’s get into my personal ranking of all three Girl Meets World seasons ranked from worst to best. All of this is my opinion of course.

3. Season 1

Courtesy of Disney Channel

Thankfully, the two seasons that followed this debut season were a little less kid-friendly and finally gave some characters much-needed depth. Farkle Minkus is one of the main characters in this follow-up show, but it felt like in season one, they had no idea what to do with his character.

Despite the weird treatment of the character in this season, the main reason why this season is my personal least favorite is because of the humor. It all feels quite tame and it doesn’t do the best job at developing its characters quite yet.

Still, though, it’s fun to watch Cory and Topanga return for the first time in over a decade and it’s obvious from the second they appear on screen that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel’s chemistry is alive and well.

Best Episode: “Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

2. Season 2

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It was clear as day as soon as I clicked play on the debut episode of season two that the show had improved in the writing department. Not everything feels overly sanitized and it feels a little more in line with some of the things shown on Boy Meets World.

This season did a really great job of developing some characters that would eventually end up becoming some of my favorite characters in the series. Lucas Friar gets a ton of depth here and the relationship he shares with both Riley Matthews and Maya Hart is infectiously sweet.

And Farkle Minkus finally becomes an actual person in this series and not just an annoying comedic relief side character. The show still suffers from being way too kid-friendly, but this season is a major step-up from the last one.

Best Episode: “Girl Meets Legacy

1. Season 3

Courtesy of Disney Channel

As funny as it may seem, yes, Girl Meets World improves with every season. One is the weakest, two is the second-best, and three is the best of the series overall. It’s honestly a big shame that the show didn’t last more than three seasons because I feel like it could have become an amazing show if it had gotten a little bit more time.

The main theme we see in this final season is friendship and the fears of growing up. And as sanitized as this show is, season three actually does a really good job at depicting how kids could be worried about growing up because they fear they will lose their life-long friendships.

Here, our beloved characters go through the toughest time in their young lives as their friendships with one another are tested to the extreme. It’s a great display of how much they are willing to do for each other and how far they will go to stay friends, even when life doesn’t seem to be agreeing with them.

Best Episode: “Girl Meets Goodbye

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