Bloody Nun 2: The Curse – Film Review

The Bloody Nun is back, this time unleashed on a brothel, will the unholy victims survive the night?

It’s an extremely difficult task to make a movie no matter how experienced you are in the industry and no matter what genre you’re tackling. Many people will watch a film and say “I could’ve made that”, but if you ever put them in charge, they’d probably be incredibly frustrated once they realize how painstaking the entire process is.

And I’m sure that the filmmakers behind Bloody Nun 2: The Curse encountered many problems and hardships while making the horror flick, and I definitely admire and respect their aspirations but this is definitely one of the weakest horror outings I’ve seen in quite some time. It plays out like a student movie that would be uploaded to YouTube, and while that doesn’t always spell disaster, in this case, it does.

The movie starts off fairly simple with an admittedly fun and entertaining opening scene starring Shawn C. Phillips, also known as “coolduder” on YouTube. He is actually one of the very first people I watched in the YouTube film community, and his Blu-ray collection-related videos are partly what inspired me to start collecting physical movies on my own. This opening scene definitely goes on for a bit longer than necessary, but it was great to see Phillips deliver a short but fun performance in this movie and I was happy to see that he’s actually a fairly decent actor.

Courtesy of Cult Cinema

The story of Bloody Nun 2: The Curse is ridiculously silly and over-the-top and I just couldn’t take it seriously, however. It’s essentially the same exact story as the Bloody Mary story except that they swapped it with a similar-looking nun to that of the one that appears in The Conjuring franchise.

Thankfully though, I’m fairly certain that director Will Collazzo Jr. is fully aware of how corny this story is and he is embracing it. Either way though, I found this movie to be terribly boring and it didn’t really have anything to offer for me. Most of the performances felt very average although I could tell that a few people were genuinely excited to be a part of this project which was nice to see. A lot of the visuals here were goofy, and really, at the end of the day, this entire movie is. It’s definitely not something you should check out if you’re looking for a deep and gritty horror film, but if you’re okay with a more campy, silly horror film, you might get some enjoyment out of this one.

Overall Grade: D

MPAA Rating: N/A

Cast: Shawn C. Phillips, Tina Krause, Natalie Peri, Jen Elyse Feldy, Laura Ellen Wilson, Kyle Rappaport, Will Collazo Jr., Angie Hansen

Directed by: Will Collazzo Jr.

Distributed by: Cult Cinema

Release Date: January 1, 2021

Running Time: 70 minutes

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