Vacation – Film Review

Vacation is directed by John Frances Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein and stars Ed Helms as a grown up Rusty Griswold from the original Vacation film in 1983, who now wants to take his family on a road trip to the amusement park, Walley World, just like his dad Clark Griswold did for him when he was a kid.

I was excited for this movie as I am a huge fan of the original Vacation movies; my favorite being Christmas Vacation, but the original 1983 Vacation film is still absolutely amazing and is hilarious even to this day. I’ve probably seen that film about thirty five times in my life now and it is still comedy gold to this day, and remains timeless and is a triumphant road trip movie.


This new Vacation film is hardly even faithful to its original film, and even when it is in certain scenes, it comes off horribly. There are references to the original film but they are done very badly, and the script is awful.

Filled to the brim with inappropriate jokes that don’t even make you laugh, the new Vacation film is nothing more than two directors saying that they thought the original film didn’t have enough inappropriate jokes to get all the young teenagers in the movie just to watch the film for those jokes and nothing more. I saw this movie because once again, I am a huge fan of the originals. This is not in any way a worthy sequel to the original in any way.

And this movie is also incredibly rushed with its story, and the story itself is very lazy, as it’s the exact same premise as the original, except now it’s a grown up Rusty that wants to take his kids to Walley World. But the worst part about this movie is the fact that it’s simply not funny. There was only one or two jokes in the entire movie that were funny, and the rest were absurdly bad, and nobody in the theatre laughed at them either.

In-Summary: Vacation is an absurdly bad movie that tries to make references to the original movie, and tries to make you laugh constantly, but it fails every time.

Overall Grade: D

MPAA Rating: R for crude and sexual content and language throughout, and brief graphic nudity

Cast: Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Skyler Gisondo, Chris Hemsworth, Catherine Missal

Directed by: John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein

Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Running Time: 99 minutes


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