The newest animated film directed by Trevor Wall, Norm of the North is not only the worst film of the year thus far, but one of the worst animated films in years.

A polar bear named Norm (voiced by Rob Schneider) decides to embark on a mission to New York City to stop an evil land developer from placing homes in the arctic.

This film was only released in only about two thousand or so theatres in North America, and I was among one of the few people that had the displeasure of actually seeing the film.

The lead character Norm voiced by Schneider is honestly one of the most annoying characters in an animated motion picture I have seen in years. He says some really cringe-worthy things, and not only that, but he twerks in the film. What kind of a film is this? What has cinema come to? I miss the days of animated films that actually were of good quality and taught kids good lessons. If you want to watch an absolutely fantastic animated picture, I highly recommend watching 2009’s Coraline. It is an extremely creepy film, yes, but it also teaches children the value and importance of their family. Norm of the North is absolutely horrible.

Norm of the North (2016)

Nothing about the film is compelling or interesting whatsoever. There was not a single instance while watching this film where I rooted for Norm, as, like I previously mentioned, he is one of the most ridiculous and annoying characters in animated cinema in such a long time.

Additionally, the film has some of the worst animation I have seen in years. It is actually kind of baffling to me that this film was released considering how poor the quality of virtually everything in the film is. Let us hope that for whatever reason, they do not make a sequel to this disaster.

It is also a film that wants to make you laugh constantly, yet I did not laugh a single time during the entire course of the film. It utilizes some of the worst humor I may have ever seen in an animated film in my life. I’m not kidding.

Norm of the North (2016)

The voice acting is also not the greatest either. It appeared that the quality of the microphone that the voice actors spoke into during the production of Norm of the North were some of the worst on the market, as sometimes the audio sounded crackly and filled with noise.

A boring story, annoying characters, and dreadful animation with no substance make up Norm of the North – one of the worst animated films in years.

Overall Grade: F

MPAA Rating: Rated PG for mild rude humor and action

Voice cast: Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, Ken Jeong, Colm Meaney

Directed by: Trevor Wall

Distributed by: Lionsgate

Running Time: 88 minutes

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